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the buoy of the bunch, keeping dreams afloat even in rough seas

It's a sprint and a marathon when Moxy races toward her dreams. She never gives up on a goal and loves sharing her inquisitive, upbeat energy with all of Uglyville.


in charge and living large

Living your best life's the law with OX as mayor. He grants all citizens the power to party, parasail, eat popsicles, and pretty much go all-in on adventure!

Ugly Dog

shopkeeper with swagger, ultra-hyped hype-man

Enjoys long walks on the beach…NOT! He digs slick beats and starting parties that never stop!

Lucky Bat

serving up wisdom faster than you can steep a cup of tea

Despite his own fears and insecurities (and he has LOTS), Lucky Bat is always there for his friends with a steaming cup of tea and sound words of advice.


serving tasty entrees with a side of sarcasm

Hungry? Hug-deprived? Wage's Diner is the place to fill your belly and your heart at the insistence of the charmingly cynical, remarkably responsible proprietor.


friend first, foodie second

Never too full for another bite, never too busy to listen. Babo's limitless loyalty and love make him the ultimate BFF.


soulful introvert

She doesn't get out much. She's coziest hanging (literally) in her comfort zone, a mini fridge paradise where she can wonder about the world far from the actual wonders of the world.


head-standing her way into your heart

Right side up or upside down, she'll see it your way. Her unending empathy brings the UglyDolls closer together.


3 eyes, 3 brains, 3 appetites

Her blue eyes match the color of her beloved blueberry pie. Coincidence? Doubt it. With the biggest appetite of the bunch, she can throw back A LOT of pie.

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